Motor autonomy and social inclusion for young Romanian amputees

Place: Romania

Technical and local partners:

  • Diocese Romanian Orthodox Church of Italy
  • INAIL Prosthesis Center – Roma
  • Fundatia Solidaritate si Speranta – Romania
  • Iasi Prefecture – Romania.

Objectives: Improve the living conditions of Romanian citizens suffering from limb amputations who are in conditions of particular hardship socio-economic in Romania.

Territorial /sectoral context: Since 2004, the AUCI has assisted 100 Romanian limbs with limbs amputated, providing them with high quality prostheses.

The present project is in continuity with what has been achieved in the past years, increasing the number of subjects with prostheses by 4 units; it also aims to increase the active involvement of all subjects benefiting from prostheses (100 + 4) making them an active part of their social reintegration.

The project has a socio-sanitary character and aims to intervene on the high number of young subjects (20-40 years) with amputation outcomes of one or more limbs, present in Romania and too often left to a destiny of marginalization and poverty.


  • Identification of patients and assessment of their clinical and technical suitability for the prosthesis intervention
  • Transfer to patients in Italy, stay in Italy of patients (accommodation, food and transport), clinical evaluation, choice and purchase of components, realization of prosthesis and rehabilitation patient
  • Periodic medical examinations on site
  • Visibility actions

Co financing body: 8xMille Chiesa Valdese, private donations

Period: 2015-ongoing

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