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Improvement of pediatric health in the Municipality of Mafuiane 


Mafuiane, District of Namaacha, Mozambique 


To improve the maternal-infant health of the population of the Municipality of Mafuiane


To improve the quality and integration of the health services of diagnosis and primary care in the pediatric sector


The maternal-infant services and the Pediatric Hospital of Mafuiane are equipped and work for the population of the District of Namaacha and for the District of Boane, with:

  1. 12 equipped and available pediatric beds 
  2. Equipment with sanitary fittings

1. 1 ECG

2. 1 ultrasound system with probes for gynecological and       pediatric examinations

3. 1 clinical biochemistry analyser 

4. PPE medical material for the Covid-19 emergency 


16,000 clinic visits with maternal-infant consultancy and analysis 

Involved partners:

District Health, Women and Social Affairs Service of the Namaacha District (SDSDAS)


The project is managed by the local coordinator of AUCI in Mozambique, Domenico Porcelli, who has the task of maintaining relations with the local health authorities, as well as planning and organising the project activities being carried out in coordination with the local partner, SDSDAS. The SDSDAS, in addition to being the local partner for the project, is the competent local health authority for the District of Namaacha (of which Mafuiane is a part of). The indications of the SDSDAS have been important especially when choosing and installing the health equipment which has been purchased so that they best respond to the technical management skills possessed by the local health personnel. Furthermore, the supplier companies have accompanied the installation with a training day for their correct uses and maintenance. 

The Hospital of Mafuiane has been created and equipped by AUCI to directly benefit 7378 inhabitants of the Mafuiane territory. In addition to this, a large part of the population is coming from other neighboring municipalities near the District of Namaacha and from other municipalities of the District of Boane. The hospital has indeed credited the Provincial Health Directorate of the Province of Maputo (of which the District of Namaacha is a part of) as a reference health facility for diseases relating to the mother-infant sector. The health facility, managed by local socio-health personnel, offers the following services:

  1. 12 beds for maternal and pediatric hospitalization 
  2. Visits and consultancies for reproductive health, family planning, maternity, pediatric nutrition, gastro-intestinal, respiratory, and dermatological diseases 
  3. Analysis laboratory with microscopes, hemograms, and biochemistry 
  4. Pharmacy 
  5. Laundry 

The health services in the last year have registered around 400 hospitalizations and 16500 outpatient visits. Furthermore in April 2020, following the Covid-19 emergency which decreed the lockdown procedure in all national territories starting from the end of March, the preparations of all the individual protection arrangements for health personnel and for the patients began. An intense activity of the information and distribution of health materials aimed at the local population and schools began in June. In particular, an information service on the prevention of Covid-19 is being carried out with the organising of meetings at health and public facilities (markets) in which to inform the local population with the distribution of information material in Portuguese and in the local language (changano) and individual masks. 

All of the health activities have started in coordination with the SDSDAS. Currently, at the health facility, there are 2 health technicians, 2 nurses, and a pharmacist operating. The health technician is comparable to a highly experienced professional nurse, who generally makes up for local (endemic) shortages of specialist medical personnel.