Mozambique-Rural Development
To develop an agro-food chain in the District of Namaacha integrated between the branches of the production, transformation and commercialization of the products on the local market of Maputo.
Salute Pediatrica
Migliorare la salute materno-infantile della popolazione della Municipalità di Mafuiane.
Saude da Criança
The goal is to support 3 nursery schools, one in Mafuiane (130 children), one in Baka Baka (80 children) and one in Goba (80 children), in personnel management and in maintaining school expenses, such as purchasing books, uniforms, etc., and transport of the van.
Mozambique-Food Safety
The objective of the project is to ensure food safety (improvement of food and nutritional conditions, with adequate caloric and protein intake) of the local population affected by the drought, in particular 360 peasant families in the Municipality of Mafuiane and 300 children aged 0-5 years.


AUCI intervenes in strengthening health systems and improving access to health care and services, in particular on maternal and child health and chronic diseases.