The Street Boys of Kinshasa


The street boys of Kinshasa

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kinshasa, district of N’Sele

 Kakasu Congo Ongd Association

The general objective of the present project was to contribute to the improvement of social living conditions in the metropolis of Kinshasa by operating in a peripheral municipality (N’sele) that has grown frantically in recent years without any regulatory plan and characterized by the presence of a large number of refugees interiors, coming from eastern Congo. In this situation of serious hardship, a particular problem was the presence of a very high number of street children in the Capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The logic of the strategy that drives the project is to create the conditions for the creation of a self-sufficient system, which allows the autonomous development of community resources and the full sustainability of the intervention in the medium and long term, with a progressive stimulation and cultural and economic activation in the social fabric of reference.

To this end, the strategy was chosen to put the development of the material and structural conditions necessary for the full sustainability of the intervention in the medium and long term to the development of the intervention.

Improvement of social living conditions in Kinshasa, through the rehabilitation of sanitary facilities and the socio-cultural integration of street children.

Creating and improving the structural, hygienic-sanitary, subsistence and educational conditions of street children welcomed by Kakasu Ongd.

Therefore, to create a local productive induced able to stimulate and vitalize the surrounding social fabric, through the practices of the laboratories of the trades and the consequent start of the commercialization process of the local products. To do this, housing and reception facilities and laboratories / schools have been set up to meet the needs of assisted children.


  • Restructuring and extension of the reception house with relative furnishing and preparation for housing the street children and their tutors
  • Sufficiency of capacity and continuity of electricity supplied through:
  • Purchase of two diesel electricity generators and two uninterruptible power supplies; design and construction of the electrical system.
  • Construction of a well; construction of a raised water storage tank; installation of rainwater collection bins; water system installation.
  • Organization and training of local personnel selected from among the Kakasu students to be used in the various production and management activities within the project.
  • Organization of food production and distribution activities.
  • Organization of personal and community health and hygiene measures.
  • Facilitation of relations between the Kakasu and the local community
  • Production of informative and promotional material (posters, leaflets, films, conferences on site and in Italy)
  • Construction, preparation and maintenance of the pigsty; feed storage. Organization of a team of young workers aimed at their growth.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, private donations

2009-2010  concluded


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