Statute and Constitutive Act


Constitution – Seat – Duration – Purpose

ART. 1

It is established with headquarters in Rome, Largo Agostino Gemelli n. 8 – cap 00168, the association called “University Association for International Cooperation – non-profit organization of social utility” in short, also referred to as “AUCI – Onlus”, hereinafter referred to as the Association.

2. The Association:
It pursues exclusively purposes of social solidarity;

  • It only carries out the activities indicated in the following article and those directly connected to them or those ancillary by nature to the statutory ones, as they are supplementary;
  • It does not distribute, even indirectly, profits and operating surpluses as well as funds, reserves, or capital during its existence, unless the destination or distribution is imposed by law or is carried out in favor of other non-profit organizations. social, which, by law, statute, or regulation, are part of the same unitary structure;
  • Employs profits or operating surpluses for the implementation of institutional activities and those directly connected to them;
  • In the event of dissolution for any reason, it will devolve the assets of the organization, after consulting the control body, to other non-profit organizations or for purposes of public utility, unless otherwise required by law;
  • It provides for the uniform regulation of the associative relationship and the associative modalities aimed at guaranteeing the effectiveness of the relationship itself, expressly excluding the temporary nature of participation in the associative life as well as providing for the members or older participants the right to vote for approval and amendments to the statute and regulations and for the appointment of the association’s governing bodies.

3. As indicated in the previous paragraph, it complies with the provisions of legislative decree n. 460/1997.
4. The Association has an unlimited duration.

ART. 2

The Association carries out cooperation activities through projects for humanitarian interventions, including emergency ones.
2. This action is realized in a particular way through:

  • the preparation of experts and volunteers and the preparation of means and structures to be able to intervene to help the most marginalized countries;
  • help and assistance in situations of marginalization (disability, chronic illness, long-term care, etc.) also favoring the reception of patients who need particular therapies not usable in the countries of origin;
  • financial support and promotion of development and self-sufficiency programs, particularly in the field of medicine and medical education;
  • sending volunteers to developing countries;
  • support, through scholarships, to deserving students from countries in difficult social, economic, cultural and political conditions;
  • the information activity, also through the publication of its own publications; research, analysis and statistical survey;
  • the involvement of people, organizations and public or private institutions, to contribute to improving the living conditions of the poorest populations in the world.

3. In its operation, the Association will make precise reference to the following characteristics that must be accepted by the members:

  • Christian inspiration of the service performed;
  • respect for the founding purposes of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart;
  • character of testimony of the work carried out in the host countries.

4. The Association excludes relationships of dependence from organizations with a profit-making purpose, nor can it be connected in any way to the interests of public or private, Italian or foreign institutions with a profit aim.

5. The Association can carry out its activities in collaboration with any other public or private institution, within the scope of the statutory purposes or associate with other institutions.


Constitutive act

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