The fundamental values ​​to which the AUCI refers are symbolically expressed by the title of our magazine, Ubuntu: awareness of the unity of humanity and the necessity of the other for the construction of the self. It is starting from this profound awareness that the AUCI seeks to decline the value specifications that constitute it: solidarity, openness to globalization, commitment to the weakest categories, commitment to justice and a world economic order that guarantees the development of every people and each person; in particular, then, by virtue of its peculiarities of association born within the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the UCSC, commitment to health as a universal right and to the expansion and strengthening of training in the health sector, sharing efforts which in this sense is the University and, in particular, the Faculty of Medicine of Rome. Furthermore, the AUCI combines the openness to the cultural values ​​of the people with whom it comes into contact with the deeper values ​​of Christian life and, in particular, of the social doctrine of the Church.

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