AUCI, within the Focsiv-Caritas Campaign, promotes an intervention of integrated human development, with actions in both the health and agriculture sector, in favor of the rural community of the District of Namaacha, in Mozambique. An area of connection and transmission between the urban and peri-urban area of the housing agglomeration (situated between the capital of Maputo and the provincial capital Matola, with around 3 million inhabitants), the surrounding rural area (dedicated to the horticultural production for the local markets) and the borders of eSwatini and South Africa.

It is an area at high risk of Covid-19 contagion due to the outbreaks existing between the urban area of Maputo/Matola and bordering South Africa and, with the frequent drought phenomena in the area, the local population lives in conditions of food insecurity. In addition, the phase of lockdown in force from March 2020 for the Covid-19 emergency has caused a general rise in prices for food due to the transport of goods being blocked. Therefore, 50 peasant families are being supported by being given land for family gardens and the distribution of seeds.

The health services, thanks to the support of the CEI, with the creation and equipping of the maternal-infant hospital of Mafuiane, is focusing on the Covid-19 emergency with the installation of 4 oxygen therapy stations and 1 ultrasound unit for diagnostics, as well as the creation of health prevention info-points in all of the District of Namaacha and in the urban area of Maputo, thanks to the collaboration of the Archdiocese/Caritas of Maputo, with the distribution of information brochures and masks.

Thanks to the technical collaboration of UNICATT/Gemelli, an informative video on the correct use of PPE for local health personnel has been created. Finally, thanks to the support of GVC-WeWorld for the post-production audio/video, an educational video/spot was created to be used in local health centers and to be distributed on social networks.