If you are between 18 and 28 (even if you have fulfilled your military service obligations) you can carry out the Voluntary Civil Service with AUCI (Associazione Universitaria per la Cooperazione Internazionale) in Italy or abroad in developing countries.

AUCI (within the national coordination of Volunteers in the world – FOCSIV) interprets the civil service as a concrete experience in international solidarity that aims to stimulate a sense of active citizenship in young volunteers. This is the spirit that we want to keep at the base of the commitment also of those who will subsequently work in the field of the protection and promotion of children and women, socio-health, intercultural education and international cooperation, in Italy or abroad.

AUCI offers young people who decide to do civil service, a training and personal growth experience, it is indeed an opportunity to put themselves to the test and to strengthen their technical / professional skills with respect to the project and the knowledge of the issues North South.

Through the active projects in Italy, there will be the opportunity to contribute to the development and strengthening of the activities carried out on the national territory.

By choosing a project abroad in developing countries, young people will be able to commit themselves as operators of international solidarity, since they are part of the “Caschi Bianchi” project, to which AUCI adheres, as an associate of FOCSIV, together with the Papa Giovanni Community Association XXIII, Italian Caritas and Gavci. The White Helmets are volunteers involved in areas of social conflict, in processes to promote peace and overcome the conditions that generate injustice and protect human rights.

If you want to take part in this experience, choose the one that suits you best from our projects in Italy or abroad and send your application.

For more information on the Universal Civil Service visit the official website

For instructions on how to proceed with the application, consult the Guide for completing the Online Application