AUCIUniversity Association for International Cooperation was established in 1978 within the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Rome, where it operates in full autonomy, while sharing its inspiring values. The Association carries out cooperation activities in the social-health and training sector.

It is recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an NGO suitable for operating in the field of development cooperation, for the implementation of programs in developing countries, for on-site training, for information and development education, pursuant to art.  28 law 48/87 (Ministerial Decree 2007/337/005883/5).

It is registered in the Register of Non-Profit Organizations held at DR Lazio.

It is accredited by:

  • National Youth Agency (ANG – Presidency of the Council of Ministers) for the European program “Youth in Action – EVS” as a suitable sending and coordinating body of young volunteers abroad,
  • National Office of Civil Service (UNSC – Presidency of the Council of Ministers) for the Universal Civil Service program as a body suitable for the management of young volunteers in social promotion, educational, health abroad, and promotion projects to global education and intercultural education in Italy.

It is associated with the FOCSIV – Volunteers in the World (Federation of Christian Organizations, International Volunteer Service), the AOI (Italian NGO Association) and CONCORD ITALY (European Coordination of NGOs – Italy Section). He is a member of the Committee for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights and of the Citizens’ Committee for Decentralized Cooperation of Rome Capital.

It is associated with the SAD Forum coordination which brings together and promotes “distance support” programs for children, young people and women in difficulty.

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