AUCI — University Association for International Cooperation

AUCI helps to promote a model of development centered on family farming that allows the attainment of the right to food, a fair government of the commons and the development of local food supply chains.



AUCI is based in MOZAMBIQUE at the premises of the Mission San Frumenzio of Mafuiane (Parrocchia San Frumenzio), as indicated on the map.

It promotes a rural development program for the improvement of the social-health system, agri-food security with training and technical assistance, and services for the social inclusion of the local community.

RD Congo

AUCI is based in the DR Congo at the premises of the Bishopric of the Diocese of Kenge. 

It promotes a training program for the construction of a socio-sanitary system, of agri-food security and development of hydroelectric energy production with service activities for social inclusion for the well-being of people and communities, in the areas that concern the most vulnerable of society.