AUCI — University Association for International Cooperation

We take action in sustainable human development by promoting people’s rights of citizenship, contributing to the safeguarding of the planet, pursuing an ideal of social progression, building bridges of peace and non-violence, and developing international partnerships for joint actions and community impact.



AUCI within the Focsiv-Caritas Campaign, promotes an intervention of integrated human development, with actions in both the health and agriculture sector, in favor of the rural community of the District of Namaacha, in Mozambique. An area of connection and transmission between the urban and peri-urban area of the housing agglomeration (situated between the capital of Maputo and the provincial capital Matola, with around 3 million inhabitants), the surrounding rural area (dedicated to the horticultural production for the local markets) and the borders of eSwatini and South Africa. 

It is an area at high risk of Covid-19 contagion due to the outbreaks existing between the urban area of Maputo/Matola and bordering South Africa and, with the frequent drought phenomena in the area, the local population lives in conditions of food insecurity. In addition, the phase of lockdown in force from March 2020 for the Covid-19 emergency has caused a general rise in prices for food due to the transport of goods being blocked. Therefore, 50 peasant families are being supported by being given land for family gardens and the distribution of seeds.



AUCI is based in Mozambique on the premises of the San Frumenzio of Mafuiane Mission (The  Parish of San Frumenzio), as indicated on the map.

It promotes a rural development program for the improvement of the social-health system, agri-food security with training and technical assistance, and services for the social inclusion of the local community.

RD Congo

AUCI is based in the Dominican Republic of Congo on the premises of the Bishopric of the Kenge Diocese.

It promotes a training program for the building of a social-health system, agri-food security, and the development of hydro-electric production, with active service for the social inclusion and wellbeing of a community in the areas that hold the most vulnerable members of society.


AUCI in Romania/Moldova promotes a prosthetics and rehabilitation program with recovery and social inclusion activities.


AUCI (within the national coordination of volunteers in the world- FOCSIV) interprets civil service as a concrete experience of international solidarity which aims to stimulate a sense of active citizenship in young volunteers. This is the spirit that we want to remain at the basis of the commitment of those who, subsequently, will work in the sectors of the protection and promotion of children and women, social health, intercultural education and international cooperation, in Italy and abroad. 

AUCI offers young people who decide to do civil service an educational experience and, for personal growth, it is in fact an opportunity to test themselves and to strengthen their technical and professional skills with respect to the project scope and knowledge of the North-South issues.


AUCI promotes in Ethiopia an intervention and training program for socio-economic inclusion with services for social-health care and agri-food security, and preventive measures for the protection and rehabilitation of the youth and children at risk and/or homeless.


AUCI, accredited as the Organization of Sending and Coordination, aims to create projects of SVE in order to promote the values of active citizenship and solidarity among the young and to encourage their participation in the construction of a European society that protects the rights and needs of the last and promotes the values of peace and non-violence, respect and tolerance among peoples.


Contribute also to AUCI’s Rural Development projects in Mozambique by purchasing one of the three agricultural Kits to create stable and eco-sustainable systems of agricultural production and support the population strongly affected by climatic and health difficulties.